Caught on Islands: How We Crack Data Silos

Many independently running programs, opaque workflows, and loose collections of notes at the front desk. This is the everyday business of many hotels today. The past has painted a clear picture: who wants to satisfy his guest, must know him well. But where should they get the necessary information? And worse, where should one save the data they gathered?

Software Jungle Front Desk?

It is not uncommon for a hotel to run up to 15 independent systems as technology in the hospitality industry evolves. PMS, staff communication software, housekeeping management, upselling tools, loyalty programs, point of sale software, reservation & booking engine – every hotel uses at least one of them. However, these tools are only unified by laborious manual work. And that’s even an exception. So far, there are only a few tools that are able to communicate with others. For hotels, a guest is often just a room number with a name attached – no one is satisfied in the end. Because who wants to give more personal information, if one does not see any benefit in doing so? Therefore, it is time to break up these silos; New bridges are to be build up between the „data islands“ that have been formed over the years by new tools.

How To Be: Personal Host

The first step for the new, service-oriented host: checking data for quantity and quality. Nothing is worse than duplicated guest profiles, a typo in the guest’s name, or a wrong date of birth … with an automated congratulation. That’s because the data is scattered at the different touchpoints that the guest uses with the hotelier. But when hotels keep their data in sync via a customer relationship management tool, the added value quickly becomes clear: a complete guest profile allows the hotelier to communicate at eye level. Recommendations can be made based on the interests of the guest. This results in options for successful upselling and returning guests. There are many advantages for the guest: a central contact point for communication with the hotel, offers tailored to his interests and a personal concierge at his side – before, during and after his stay. The manual, annoying work of the hotelier at the front desk is made redundant by automated processes in the CRM. He can fully concentrate on the satisfaction of his guest – and therefore follows his true passion.

Live Demos at the ITB – Modular Marketing Solution for Hotels

Together with UpsellGuru, myLike, Code2Order and Selecdoo,Mountlytics offers „YHotel“, a modular hotel marketing software.

„The technology landscape in the hotels is hardly connected. There are numerous software solutions to support operational processes or marketing efforts. However, most are not connected! However, hoteliers see the potential in „digitization“ to be in personal contact with their guests, to provide relevant content and to create exceptional travel experience“, states Carina Stegmayer, Head of Customer Success at MountLytics.

Who is behind „YHotel“

Together with its partners UpsellGuru, myLike, Code2Order and Selecdoo, MountLytics has created the combined hotel marketing solution, called „YHotel“ , to support entire the guest journey – from inspiration, booking, prior to arrival to departure – with personal and relevant content and service.

Similar to IBM’s first personal computer, the modular approach is crucial to success. The YHotel Model 1.0 is based on the modular approach.

„We provide the hotel industry with a concrete solution to close the patchwork of technology in hotels. We are convinced that hotels can now exploit the potential of digitization for guest satisfaction and customer service. „Bastian Kneissl explains his vision.

How does „YHotel“ work?

All guest data is centralized via the PMS interface in the CRM module. Here, preferences and messages to guests are recorded in profiles, as well as segments and email automations are created. There are numerous interfaces to PMS providers such as Protel Hotel Software, Oracle Opera, Oracle Suite8, ASA Hotel Software and MEWS Systems available. New interfaces are constantly being added.

The various integrated tools support hotels to communicate with their guests along the customer journey.

During the search process, the hotel can advertise its offers through the Selecdoo publisher network. The booking is then directly placed through the hotel’s booking engine. An advantage in obtaining relevant guest data. Subsequently, the hotel can individually communicate to the guest prior to arrival and sent tailored offers, such as: UpsellGuru’s Bidding System upgrades rooms and amenities to maximise the guest’s stay.

Before and during the trip, the guest is optimally informed. Through the features of myLike the guest receives recommendations and local experiences. The software solution „YHotel“ is complemented by the module of Code2Order, a digital guest concierge to increase customer loyalty. Thus, personalized offers and evaluation links can be sent and be made available to the guest.

„Everywhere there are these places that make travel an experience and want to be discovered. With the Mobile Concierge, guests will find tips that suit their tastes: recommendations by the hotel are trusted more than anonymous comments by internet portals.

With“ YHotel“, this information is provided even easier, automated and personalized to the guest, „said Uwe Hering from myLike.

Hotels Benefits: module software architecture at any time

The „YHotel“ team relies on a flexible system architecture that can be built on throughout the time. The scalable SaaS solution has the advantage for the hotelier that functions and shortcuts can be easily installed over time. YHotel allows hoteliers to combine different systems.

„For us from UpsellGuru this is a great way to develop a joint solution hand in hand. The partnership bundles a lot of know-how, but nevertheless ensures that everyone can keep their focus. We are seeing more and more the desire of the hotels for an integrated solution, „says founder Karl Schmidtner of UpsellGuru.

Live demos at the ITB daily at 11:30am and 3:30pm

With „YHotel“ Bastian Kneissl won the startup battle at the German Hotel Congress & Hotel Expo 2019 on February 05 in Berlin.

Find out more at the live demos at the ITB Berlin, daily from 06.-08. March 2019, at 11:30 am and at 3:30 pm at the myLike booth 107 in hall 6.1.

More information about YHotel Model 1.0 at

Data treasure Customer Data – Guest Speaker

Bastian Kneissl Mar 08

Customer data today is the most important resource to operate globally, to fully engage customers in their own product, and to achieve business goals.

In his keynote speech „Data Customer Data: Who knows more? How can top performers and destinations generate and use customer data in the future?“ Bastian Kneissl discusses at the ITB congress the fact, that the data about the customer no longer lie with those who welcome the guests, but with those who distribute the accommodation.

Visit us at ITB  March 8, 2019 at 2:00 pm at the City Cube Club.