Caught on Islands: How We Crack Data Silos

Many independently running programs, opaque workflows, and loose collections of notes at the front desk. This is the everyday business of many hotels today. The past has painted a clear picture: who wants to satisfy his guest, must know him well. But where should they get the necessary information? And worse, where should one save the data they gathered?

Software Jungle Front Desk?

It is not uncommon for a hotel to run up to 15 independent systems as technology in the hospitality industry evolves. PMS, staff communication software, housekeeping management, upselling tools, loyalty programs, point of sale software, reservation & booking engine – every hotel uses at least one of them. However, these tools are only unified by laborious manual work. And that’s even an exception. So far, there are only a few tools that are able to communicate with others. For hotels, a guest is often just a room number with a name attached – no one is satisfied in the end. Because who wants to give more personal information, if one does not see any benefit in doing so? Therefore, it is time to break up these silos; New bridges are to be build up between the „data islands“ that have been formed over the years by new tools.

How To Be: Personal Host

The first step for the new, service-oriented host: checking data for quantity and quality. Nothing is worse than duplicated guest profiles, a typo in the guest’s name, or a wrong date of birth … with an automated congratulation. That’s because the data is scattered at the different touchpoints that the guest uses with the hotelier. But when hotels keep their data in sync via a customer relationship management tool, the added value quickly becomes clear: a complete guest profile allows the hotelier to communicate at eye level. Recommendations can be made based on the interests of the guest. This results in options for successful upselling and returning guests. There are many advantages for the guest: a central contact point for communication with the hotel, offers tailored to his interests and a personal concierge at his side – before, during and after his stay. The manual, annoying work of the hotelier at the front desk is made redundant by automated processes in the CRM. He can fully concentrate on the satisfaction of his guest – and therefore follows his true passion.